How to Shop for Flowers in Melbourne

florist melbourne

Florist Melbourne is a must visit destination for people wanting to buy flowers, plants and decorative accessories. This Victorian city is home to some of the best florists in the country, with boutiques and workshops all over the city that pride themselves on their floral arrangements. The flower shops line Coles Square, which is also the home of Australia’s largest departmental store, Woolworths. The flower shops are concentrated mainly in the commercial areas but there are some small and independent florists in the city too.

The Secret Of How To Shop For Flowers In Melbourne

Victoria Barrister is one of the best florists in Melbourne and has branches in all the major districts. The art stems used by the florist are primarily imported from China and India, although some of the local flowers are also used. The florist can create any type of floral arrangement, including multiple colours of flowers in a bouquet or a single flower in a vase. The bouquets are decorated with cheap glass beads that are available at reasonable prices. The arrangements are completed with silk flowers that are placed in pretty vases that cost $3.50 per vase. Some of the local and ethnic flowers that are used include but are not limited to, the peony, gladioli, Chinese tulip, anthurium, jasmine, Carnation, roses, sunflower and lily.

To make floral arrangements that are beautiful and cost effective, florists in Melbourne use mainly imported art stems and handmade gifts. Some of the local fresh flowers such as the gladioli, peony, Chinese tulip, jasmine, Carnation and lily of the valley can also be found in various parts of Australia and shipped to Melbourne. Art stems are imported from China, India, Thailand and Vietnam where they are dried, smoked and moulded into various shapes including balls, tubes, discs and bouquets. Local florists then import the flowers and craft them into flower arrangements. Art stems also come with instructions on how to preserve them for a longer freshness. Florists in Melbourne make use of different techniques in their flower making to ensure that their floral arrangements are not only beautiful but also affordable.

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