Choosing Pest Control Charlotte

Choosing Pest Control Charlotte

If you live in any older Charlotte, NC zip code including uptown, southwest, east ends or anywhere else, there are new pests that have been making homes in your neighborhood a lot of uncomfortable places. If you see white flying ants in your neighborhood, it could be the remnants of Pest Control Charlotte. These white flying ants are about the size of quarters and they live on wood. A quick look around your neighborhood will reveal a lot of wooded areas that could be a home for the wandering ant. Other common pest infestations include: carpenter ants (also know as “saw-dust” ants because of the powdered carpenter scent they leave), yellow jaquees, and sticky traps (often referred to as “ant hill traps”.) If you find more than one of these pest concerns in your neighborhood you should call a professional pest control company as soon as possible.


If you have an old friend who’s had a difficult time getting rid of termites from their home, you may want to try giving them a home of their own. Carpets used as hiding places are especially inviting to the destructive ants. Ants do most of their food hunting in the evening when it is dark outside and it is also a good time to know whether or not there have been recent changes made to your home that could make the infestation more difficult. Inspections are important when looking to give an old friend a new home. The inspection checklist should include a check for cracks and holes where the wood has been broken and for wood that is buckled. A pest control company should also check windows, doors, ceilings and flooring for damage that could be a potential entry point for the unwanted pest.


When it comes to the carpenter ant, or the “saw-dust” ant, there are some steps homeowners can take to make life much easier for these pesky intruders. The best pest control methods will involve mechanical means and a thorough cleaning of the home. It’s important that this be done before any other approaches are taken. A professional pest control Charlotte company will be able to tell you if any repairs will be necessary.

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