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“A new member of the family, the Black Headed Hawk, is now available to attract crows, ravens, pelicans and a variety of ground running birds to your bird feeder. The Black Headed Hawk is a beautiful and popular bird with its black head and yellowish upperparts. It is a nocturnal bird with a very strong defense ability. Their aggressive behavior has caused a steep decline in their population. It is believed they were driven to Australia by the Europeans in the last century.

The Philosophy Of Australian Hairy Reviews

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“The Black Headed Hawk is an attractive and lively bird which, although not prolific, is more common than some of the other species at your feeder. For 37 years now the Hawk bird scarer Australia (Hawk Vitex agnus castus) has been an excellent means of scaring birds into our bird feeder(s). Seagulls in longboats, parrots in fruit trees, cockatiels from leafy plants, myna birds from roof tops, cockatoos in sheds and carports, martins from the rainforests, peckeds from car seats and chimneys, pelicans from roof tops and seed bums from the lawn. Order your Hawk Bird Scarer today. Available at the Big Catch store, Surfers Paradise store and Avon store.”

The Black Headed Hawk is native to Southern Australia, but is now becoming a growing problem in New South Wales and Victoria. It is a pest due to their reproductive habits and their high intelligence. A recent study by the University of Sydney, suggests that they may become an invasive species in the near future. They are also said to be on the cusp of becoming established in Australia.

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